Real-Time Bluetooth Networks – Shape the World

15th of September will be started MOOC  “Real-Time Bluetooth Networks – Shape the World” made by authors of “Embedded Systems – Shape The World” from The University of Texas at Austin. Length of this course  6-7 weeks, effort  about 10 hours per week.

What you’ll learn

Enhance your embedded system skills
Write your own real-time operating system
Design, develop and debug C code
Implement a personal fitness device
Communicate using Bluetooth

Course Syllabus

Lab 1) Introduction to I/O using the BSP and debugging
Learn about Keil compiler and debugger
Understand what the MK-II boosterpack measures
Learn how to perform timing profiles of the software system

Lab 2) Thread management for a personal fitness device
Multiple threads
Real-time periodic threads
Spinlock semaphores
Round robin scheduler

Lab 3) Thread synchronication and scheduling for a personal fitness device
Timer-based real-time threads
Thread sleeping
Blocking semaphoresr with first come, first serve scheduler

Lab 4) Real-time operating system for a hand-held video game
Edge triggered interrupts
Blocking semaphores with priority scheduler

Lab 5) File system using the flash ROM of the microcontroller
Logging data onto flash/playback of data

Lab 6) Bluetooth personal area network
Interacting with the device from a smart phone

For this course you need to have Development Kits which you can buy this:

Development Kits in boxes


Educational Booster Pack MKII: 


LaunchPad Development Kit CC2650 (Bluetooth Low Energy)